Nov 102015

A radiologist is a health care provider who operates with X-rays and a number of medical imaging equipment. Radiologists specialize in analyzing the medical images of patients and providing major recommendations for initial therapy to the care physicians. Consults with patients to determine the appropriate treatment course. Treats benign and malignant growths with exposure to x-rays and radioisotopes. While hospitals and treatment centers generally employ health professionals who specialize in this area, there are also specialized radiology and imaging clinics that employ individuals for this job. Continue reading »

Sep 142015

Being a doctor sounds like it’s a good, high-paying white collar job. Depending on the area of expertise, however, salaries can vary. While pediatricians earn around $156,000 a year and cardiologists earn around $314,000, other medical practitioners with other specialties can have higher or lower figures. Some would be interested to know how the optometrist salary rates compare with others. Continue reading »

Aug 312015

Learning how to negotiate salary packages is relatively easy. When applying for a job, employers and employees alike talk about the potential salary. For negotiations to be successful, it takes a lot of preparation and practice.

Preparation is Key

How to negotiate salary packages does not start and end at the negotiation table. There are things that you need to do even before you negotiate: Continue reading »

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