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Being a doctor sounds like it’s a good, high-paying white collar job. Depending on the area of expertise, however, salaries can vary. While pediatricians earn around $156,000 a year and cardiologists earn around $314,000, other medical practitioners with other specialties can have higher or lower figures. Some would be interested to know how the optometrist salary rates compare with others.

The Factors

There are many factors that could affect the average monthly income of a optometrist. These could be:

Type of Practice

An optometrist could choose to practice privately and set up their own clinic or he could choose to work in a hospital. This would, of course, depend on whether or not he has the resources to put up his own practice.


Doctors in big, crowded cities tend to earn more than those in rural areas because they have more patients. The country where the optometrist works is also a factor, as different countries and living conditions affect the optometrist salary. It is also important to note that cities with high levels of cost of living also give their doctors additional allowances.

Years of Experience

Newly accredited optometrists have lower salary rates compared to those with a few years of experience in their practice.

The Numbers

For those newly accredited, the average range of optometrist salary would be from $70,000 to $90,000 a year for those living in the United States. Meanwhile, the median wage for those with a little more years under their belt earn around $100,000 a year. Those with vast amounts of experience earn a median of $110,000.
In large cities, the average optometrist annual salary is around $150,000. In rural areas or the suburbs, the median is around $100,000-$130,000.
Keep in mind that the country where the optometrist works also affects their salary. For instance, the salary of an optometrist in Australia could range from AUD $49,000 to AUD $108,000. This usually comes with a yearly bonus of about AUD $9,905. In the UK, the median salary is £36,000 a year.
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the average monthly income of a optometrist also varies based on which state in the United States they work in. The highest monthly wage is $11,879 if one worked in Louisiana. The lowest rate is in Colorado, where optometrists are paid $7,220 a month.
It is also interesting to note that as of May 2011, an optometrist assistant salary could be as much as $26,390 a year. According to the BLS, these numbers are very close to the earnings of other health care support personnel in other optical fields. This is pegged at about $26,610 annually.

Getting More Income

The job of an optometrist is an invaluable one, as most people rely very much on sight to function in the world. It is not surprising that even those who work in the suburbs could have a decent optometrist salary. However, it would seem that the best place to work would be in large cities with high standards of living.
Another way through which an optometrist could earn more is by providing eye care products such as contact lenses, eye drops, and prescription glasses. Having these ready for the patient will greatly boost their sales and income.

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