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The highest possible degree you might have is a doctorate degree. Normally, this may last for four years or even more. Identical to a master’s degree, it requires completion the comprehensive exam as well as completing a dissertation. You will require a master’s degree first in order to gain a doctorate degree.
Online PhD courses attract students and working pros who want maximum flexibility while earning an advanced college degree. Although less common than undergraduate and master’s courses, online doctorates now are available at a wide selection of institutions, from fully online universities to normally campus-based schools and academic institutions. The online college already have top faculty and study solutions to manage PhD-level coursework, and are using technical tools and other guidance services to accommodate online learners. This offers online PhD students the best of both sides.
The decision to move ahead with your education once you have got your master’s degree is often influenced by specific career objectives. For this reason, it makes a lot of sense to pay attention to the financial end of investing funds in a PHD program and correlating that investment decision to how positively it will eventually aid in reaching long term career objectives.
Unfortunately, studying in College or university can be quite expensive, since you need to purchase several textbooks and study resources.

That’s just one single factor that online PhD courses might be a better solution, they’re often more inexpensive priced as they quite simply don’t include all the inessential facilities and fees, only the learning and knowledge that you’re looking for.
Let me share the list of doctorate degrees available in different universities in the U.S.A.:

• Doctor of Arts
• Doctor of Business
• Doctor of Civil Law
• Doctor of Computer Science
• Doctor of Education
• Doctor of Engineering
• Doctor of Liberal Studies
• Doctor of Management
• Doctor of Musical Arts
• Doctor of Professional Studies
• Doctor of Psychology
• Doctor of Technology

Most affordable online PhD programs on Universities in the United States

Fort Hays State University

Tuition per credit: $251.00
Total Fees: $120.00
Full Price to Get Degree: $8,654.00
Fort Hays State University’s Online College is the destination to grown to be the professional you’ve always wanted to be. It’s programs will provide you with the practical knowledge and abilities to succeed in today’s fastest-growing careers. All of our programs are accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, to ensure you know you’re obtaining a quality education.
Fort Hays State University offers 13 online graduate degrees. The online degree offerings include disciplines such as Health and Human Performance, Education, Healthcare Administration, Liberal Studies, Business Administration, and Nursing. FHSU requires 34 credit hours to accomplish a one-year master’s program. Fort Hays State’s tuition for online college graduate degrees starts at $251.00 per credit. There is certainly yearly registration charge of $30.00, an application payment of $40.00, as well as a graduation fee of $50.00.

Amberton University

Tuition per credit: $242.00
Total Fees: $100.00
Complete Cost to Earn Degree: $8,812.00
Amberton University offers a number of expertise programs for any people seeking to raise professional skills and marketability in the workforce. Expertise programs are available on the college graduate as well as undergraduate level and can be acquired in conjunction with degree programs or as independent courses of learning.
Amberton College features 10 online bachelor’s college degrees. The online college degree offerings contain areas such as Professional Counseling, Professional Development, Strategic Leadership, Project Management, and Business Administration. Amberton College needs 36 credit hours to finish the normal one-year master’s course. Amberton’s tuition for online master’s degrees starts at $242.00 per credit. There is a one-time graduation charge of $100.00.

Lamar University

Tuition per credit: $235.00
Overall Fees: $405.00
Complete Expense to Get College degree: $8,865.00
Lamar University Online’s mission is always to provide different opportunities of access for people planning to carry on with their educative plans. Online lessons and degree programs provided via the Center for Distance Education and the Center for Academic Partnerships are specially designed to fulfill the dynamic schedules and commitments of individual college students in the job.
Lamar College offers 8 online master’s degrees. The online degree options include Education, Health Promotion, Engineering Management, Nursing, and Criminal Justice. Lamar University requires 36 credit hours to complete a one-year master’s study course. LU’s tuition for online master’s degrees starts at $235.00 per credit. There is certainly per-credit-hour fee of $15.00 as well as a one-time application charge of $25.00.

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